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Lyon Frixion SRB


Shear reduction block.

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The Lyon FRIXION SRB is a heavy-duty shear reduction block which offers greater friction than a conventional pulley, reducing the risk of uncontrolled descents. It is ideal for use in high ropes courses, climbing walls and for top rope belaying.


  • Designed for minimum anchor wear with 14mm maillon or suitable karabiner
  • Marine grade stainless steel used throughout
  • Multiple rigging options to suit anchor orientation, reducing the links in the safety chain and keeping ropes high
  • Fail safe back up, through the centre of the sheave
  • 54mm radius gives maximum rope life
  • Open design allows for easy rope threading even with a trace line
  • Uncompromising rugged design

Designed for minimum anchor wear when combined with a 14mm Maillon Rapide Quick Link connector (not included). Other suitable karabiners may be used.

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