RIG Systems – Industrial safety and specialist rescue training providers. Confined space, work at height, water rescue, rope rescue, IRATA, first aid, emergency response teams, standby rescue


Located just off the A30 approximately 20 minutes from Exeter on the edge of Dartmoor National Park is our main training facility. The training centre is located at Meldon Quarry, which is now a disused quarry site. The site consists of approximately 257 acres with various local options for accommodation to fit all budgets.

Outside training venues are all within walking distance. We have the use of Meldon Viaduct bridge - a wrought and cast iron structure, which at its highest point is 46 metres.

There are various areas around the quarry that provide exposed rock faces up to 40 metres in height. This allows us to be able to provide various training courses from basic working at height to more complex rescue training with challenging scenarios. In addition, we have various sites that are used for slope work training with one slope providing a vehicle simulated road traffic accident and casualty extraction scenarios.

The site has 3 outdoor 17 metre lighting towers, which are used for working at height and tower climbing training.

There are two indoor training areas; the first is a disused quarry crusher building, which is ideal for training realistic industrial safety for working at height and confined space.

The second is a 16 metre high workshop, which is used for our IRATA training. There is also a purpose-built confined space training unit, which has various setups to enable both vertical and horizontal access and to offer low through to high risk confined space training.

The site and its various indoor and outdoor facilities also makes for a perfect location for undergoing medical training and casualty management.

Swift water and flood rescue training is carried out at one of our three preferred training venues. Lee Valley or Cardiff white water parks enable water rescue training to be conducted in a clean water and safe controlled environment. Our preferred natural white water river training is carried out in the area of Llangollen, North Wales.

All our training venues are fully risk assessed with the appropriate controls measures in place. At RIG Systems, we are constantly improving our venues and facilities to provide the most challenging of training scenarios to replicate real live industrial and emergency services environments, which enhances the professional developments of our students.