RIG Systems – Industrial safety and specialist rescue training providers. Confined space, work at height, water rescue, rope rescue, IRATA, first aid, emergency response teams, standby rescue
Over the last fourteen years we have developed a complete range of industrial safety and specialist rescue related training courses. Our clients range from the the construction; mining and extractive; power and energy; and utility industries as well as the emergency services. Our extensive range of courses can be tailored to the specific requirements of the client to provide a bespoke solution unique to the client's industry sector or specialism.

Our philosophy is based on the delivery of challenging, realistic and progressive training solutions founded upon innovative technology, best practice principles and underpinned by science.

We pride ourselves in being PREPARED to meet our client's ever increasing, demanding safety requirements to ensure a zero tolerance to safety to prevent accidents at work.

We offer RESILIENT services and training solutions with the ability to equip our clients with the knowledge, equipment and skills necessary to be able to perform in the most challenging of hazardous working environments.

We ensure that we are constantly CHALLENGING our rescue teams, instructors, staff and clients to strive collectively to maintain the highest level of professional performance and standards.
Our instructors and consultants are all experts in their own field. Their knowledge and experience has come from a background of both industrial training and rescue and from the emergency services.

All Instructors undergo individual in-house continuous professional development and refresher skills training. This ensures that RIG training and consultancy is grounded on current industry best practice and the latest health and safety legislative requirements.
Delivering technical rescue capability requires the integration of technologies, methodologies and doctrine together with hands on training and experience. At RIG Systems, we are specialists in bringing together mission critical resources supporting UK or international industries and emergency services responders in supporting all levels of resilience requirements.

RIG Systems was one of the pioneers in designing and implementing technical rescue programmes and doctrine across the UK emergency services. The early development stages included identifying best practice from existing USA first responders and accredited standards and adopting elements of these to comply with UK health and safety legislation and existing emergency services best practice.

Our global reach now spans across the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa. RIG teams have provided training and technical rescue services at some of the most remote environments across the world.

RIG Systems works and collaborates with CMC Rescue Inc based in the USA. CMC Rescue is an internationally recognised leader in the design and manufacturing of technical rescue equipment. The collaboration ensures that RIG can continue to develop our knowledge within this specialist field to offer our clients “best in class” training incorporating skills and techniques from technical rescue first responders across the world.