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Lyon Dyneema Webbing Lanyard


Dyneema webbing lanyard. EN 354.

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The Lyon Dyneema Webbing Lanyard is a static webbing lanyard made in a range of fixed lengths. These lanyards are manufactured from 15mm wide dyneema webbing with sewn eyes in each end, making them useful where a lightweight, flexible connection is needed.

Typical applications include work restraint and work positioning, especially in the outdoor environment where weight and bulk are a concern.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Sewn eyes at each end
  • CE marked and certified to EN354
  • These webbing lanyards are NOT designed to absorb energy
  • On their own they must not be used to arrest a fall
  • Webbing lanyards conforming to EN354 must be used in conjunction with an energy absorber (e.g. EN355) for fall arrest
  • It is mandatory that the combined length of lanyard, absorber and connectors does NOT exceed 2 metres when used for fall arrest

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