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Harken Industrial Riggers Winch


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The Harken Industrial Riggers Winch provides the user with a lightweight, CE certified, portable winch mounted to a sturdy adaptor plate which can also be mounted to a tripod. Simple to use and ideal for a diverse range of lifting and load pulling applications. For use with multiple attachments depending on the environment and industry; from ratchet straps, M10 bolts, carabiners, to scaffold clamps.

The Harken Industrial Riggers Winch is available in 2 settings: the Riggers Winch 200 and the Riggers Winch 500. Riggers Winch 200 includes: Universal mounting plate, 20 Harken winch and Harken 10 inch winch handle. Riggers Winch 500 includes:



Winches feature 17-4 PH stainless steel load-carrying gears and pins for strength and durability.


The mounting plate is sculpted to remove excess weight and provides multiple attachment points without compromising strength. The pigtail line lead ensures correct alignment and loading of the winch for maximum efficiency.

Fibre Rope

The winch is designed for use with fibre rope up to 12 mm (1/2″) in diameter, reducing weight and allowing alignment to the load. The unique drum design maximises grip on the rope, while the drum’s smooth surfaces reduce rope wear.



Riggers Winch 200:
  • Minimum line Ø (mm) – 6mm
  • Minimum line Ø (in) – 1/4 in
  • Maximum line Ø (mm) – 12mm
  • Maximum line Ø (in) – 1/2 in
  • Weight (kg) – 4kg
  • Maximum rated load (kN) – 2 kN
  • Breaking load (kN) – 20 kN
Riggers Winch 500
  • Minimum line Ø (mm) – 8mm
  • Minimum line Ø (in) – 5/6 in
  • Maximum line Ø (mm) – 12mm
  • Maximum line Ø (in) – 1/2 in
  • Weight (kg) – 7kg
  • Maximum rated load (kN) – 5 kN
  • Breaking load (kN) – 25 kN

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Riggers Winch 200, Riggers Winch 500

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