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Beal Accessory Cord (2-8mm)


Please note: colours vary.

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Beal Accessory Cord (2-8mm)

Check out our selection of Beal Accessory Cord (2-8mm), which come in various lengths for all of your needs. Please note that the 2mm and 3mm version are not rated as PPE, and should therefore NOT be used as such.

2 mm: BL: 70 kg – Not PPE
3 mm: BL: 180 kg – Not PPE
4 mm: BL: 330 kg – EN 564
5 mm: BL: 580 kg – EN 564
6 mm: BL: 750 kg – EN 564
7 mm: BL: 1050 kg – EN 564
8 mm: BL: 1400 kg – EN 564

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