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Teufelberger Tutor HST (12 mm)

12 mm (red/yellow).
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“The coating of the cover and the core make TUTOR 12 mm very supple and water resistant. The highly twined 48-plait cover protects the load-carrying twisted core and strands for ergonomic handling. TUTOR 12 mm HST is certified to EN 1891 A and, in defined systems, to EN 353-2.”


  • High quality polyamide
  • Twisted, heat treated core
  • Highly twined 48-plait cover > grippy, dirt resistant, abrasion proof
  • High visibility due to orange coloring
  • Suitable for use with Grip Rescue, Ropstop 2, and ASAP
  • Certified with PETZL ASAP (B71 + B71AAA) and ASAP Lock (B71 ALU) according to EN 353-2
  • Certified with TEUFELBERGER Ropstop 2+3 according to EN 353-2
  • Certified with TEUFELBERGER Grip Rescue according to EN 353-2


  • Core: Nylon
  • Cover: Nylon
  • Standard: EN 1891 A
  • Braid: 48

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