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Teufelberger Fides III (9.6-12 mm)

Available 9.6 mm (white/orange/grey or black), 10.5 mm (orange/grey/white), 11 mm (orange/olive) and 12 mm (white/red/black).
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“Fides III is an EN 1891 A rope. Because of its design, it is particularly well suited for devices certified to the new EN 341:2011 standard. Its unique structure, made up of three braided cores and a 32-plait cover, adapts perfectly to sheaves and offers a substantial traction advantage when used in the rough conditions encountered on rescue and hoisting devices. In addition, Fides III offers above-average breaking forces in combination with devices. Its double braid structure largely prevents any core/cover displacement so that during a rappelling procedure there will be practically no bunching up of the cover on the core.”


  • Perfect for the use in devices conforming to EN 341:2011
  • Above average braking forces in combination with devices
  • Soft in handling
  • High abrasion strength
  • 3 braided cores


  • Core: Nylon
  • Cover: Nylon
  • Standard: EN 1891 A
  • Braid: 32

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