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Lyon Mudders


Make walking on soft surfaces easier.

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“Wetland, marshes and coastal edges are known as difficult areas to traverse effectively on foot, but moving quickly through waterlogged construction sites or urban parkland can also be problemental. To help traverse such terrain Lyon sourced an innovative product that can make walking on mud, snow, sand or other soft surfaces easier. MUDDERS are a cleverly designed overshoe that attach to existing footwear with robust ladder-lock buckles. Each overshoe has hinged ‘wings’ that automatically spread only when the foot is placed on soft terrain, effectively quadrupling the surface area and significantly reducing the ground pressure applied. The clever hinging action of the ‘wings’ also reduces the suction effect when lifting the foot, reducing effort at every step. Designed for long life, MUDDERS use carefully selected materials to produce a light, easily maintained and robust product that have already found favour with industrial and Emergency Service users.”

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