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Lyon Larkin Rescue Frame

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PLEASE NOTE: This item is by request only and cannot be purchased online. Please contact us for more details.

The Lyon LARKIN RESCUE FRAME is currently in use with many specialist sectors of the UK Emergency Services and provides an elegant solution to difficult or hazardous edge transitions. Designed to provide an elevated, tiltable redirection point, the LARKIN RESCUE FRAME can be used very close to an edge because the rescue load can, in full-size configuration, be landed within the titled frame. Unlike a conventional tripod the LYON LARKIN RESCUE FRAME does not need to span the void: it sits on one side and reaches out to provide a redirect high above and well away from the edge. Quickly assembled, the full size frame has an operational reach from the tilt point of 2.5 metres, with the compact, half size frame managing 1.2 metres. The frame is constructed of high tenacity aluminium alloy for the best balance between strength and weight, and has a safe working load of 400 kilograms. Manufacture of the LARKIN RESCUE FRAME is certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 quality standards, ensuring superb component quality and a long and reliable service life.

Please note: The LARKIN RESCUE FRAME is a special “Price-on-Request” item – please get in touch with the team to discuss.

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