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Lyon First Aid Bag


Weight: 74 g

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The Lyon First Aid Bag is a compact bag for immediate casualty care essentials such as airways, haemostatic dressings and chest seals.

This bag was developed for one of the largest UK Emergency Services and has a host of features that make it highly effective for those having to carry out casualty care at height.

The heavy duty bag is designed so that it can be carried in a number of ways. Primarily it is intended to be attached to a harness via the sewn in webbing eye. It may also be slug across the body via the internally stored shoulder strap or held briefcase style.

When opened, the bag presents three distinct clear fronted storage sections, the lowest one being a drop down pouch. Each sections content may be accessed in a number of ways via velcro closures.

If used harness mounted, the orientation of these compartments and their closures reduces the risk of accidental release of the contents.

  • Ample storage for immediate casualty care essentials
  • May be used shoulder mounted or attached to a harness
  • Heavy duty construction throughout
  • Zipped main compartment
  • ‘drop down’ opening for easy access to contents
  • Clear fronted storage sections
  • Shaped to fit into the Lyon Casualty Care Pack

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