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Climbing Technology Sparrow Rescue Kit Rod


Ergonomic work positioning harness with integrated Chest Ascender.

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Climbing Technology Sparrow Rescue Kit Rod

The Climbing Technology Sparrow Rescue Kit Rod is designed for work at height, and is developed for working loads up to 150 kg.

It is made up of:

  • a fabric anchorage (LOOP ANKOR model);
  • an oval connector with triplex locking (PILLAR TG model);
  • a self-braking descender (SPARROW model);
  • a rope with end loops with a sewn-in terminal connector (PATRON PLUS 11BIG models);
  • a telescopic pole.

Main characteristics:

      • suitable for direct (work on rope) and indirect rescue mode (work on a roof, on ladders, on a pylon, assembly and dismantling of scaffolding);
      • equipped with a pole with an adjustable length from 1 to 2.8 m which makes it easy to reach the operator that needs to be rescued. The pole is equipped with a support for the BIG connector sewn to the top end of the rope that is provided. To reach the operator that needs to be rescued, the BIG connector must be inserted into the mounting and the mechanism keeps the lever open, releasing it when it is in position with the attachment point EN 361 of the operator;
      • it can be used in combination with the LIFTY and LIFTY X6 hoists;
      • it comes in a durable PVC bag.

      The instructions for the use of this product comprise of general instructions, specific instructions for each device and additional instructions for the use of the system as a whole. All instructions must be carefully read before use.


  • Working load limit (WLL): 150kg
  • EN341:2001-2A, EN12841:2006-C

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20 m, 30 m, 40 m, 50 m, 100 m

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