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Climbing Technology Flex-ABS Combi Y Lanyard


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Climbing Technology Flex-ABS Combi Y Lanyard

The Climbing Technology Flex-ABS Combi Y Lanyard is a compact and lightweight fall arrest lanyard equipped with energy absorbers, high-elastic arms and BIG terminal connectors (Ref. No. 2C35300 V1A).

Main characteristics:

  • elastic arms made with a reinforced band that enables a significant reduction of the encumbrance while using them and they elongate following the operator’s movement;
  • energy absorber protected in a zip-pocket;
  • equipped with light alloy double gate connectors and with a maximum gate opening of 60 mm;
  • compliant with the requirements of the VG11, CNB/P/11.074 for use with a fall factor 2 and use on sharp edges (r ≥ 0.5 mm);
  • available with elastic arms in two different lengths.

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125cm, 185cm

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