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GWO Manual Handling Refresher
11 Oct
9:00AM – 1:30PM [change course]

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Who is this course for?

The aim of this Module is to encourage positive Manual Handling behaviour and train delegates ability to perform Manual Handling tasks in a safe manner in the wind turbine industry/environment.

The training shall be designed to improve and refresh Delegates’ awareness through both theoretical knowledge and practical training. The main focus shall be on practicing correct techniques.

The BST Manual Handling Module may be delivered at the same time as the BSTR Manual Handling Module.

Training staff should be aware that this module allows first time delegates and refresher delegates in the same classroom. Training should therefore incorporate the sharing of knowledge of the more experienced delegates.


Meldon Quarry Training Centre


All personnel participating in Basic Safety Training shall be medically fit and capable of fully participating.

Training providers shall have a procedure that requires Delegates to sign a statement stating that they are medically fit to participate in the safety training and that they do not suffer from any medical illness or are under influence of any narcotic substance or alcohol.

Delegates’ signatures testifying to their medical fitness shall be collected prior to the start of the basic safety training course.

Furthermore, Delegates shall have created a personal Delegate profile in WINDA and provide their own WINDA ID prior to completing the BST training.

Course content

A theoretical and practical course covering:

  • Global and National Legislation
  • Risks and Hazards in the Wind Turbine Industry
  • Outline of Manual Handling
  • Spinal anatomy and posture awareness and reporting measures
  • T.I.L.E. (Task, Individual, Load, Environment) principle and assessing aggravating factors and risks
  • Behavioural safety
Lifting techniques and Scenario-based training


2 years


0.5 days

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GWO Manual Handling Refresher
11 Oct
9:00AM – 1:30PM
Price per Person: £108.00 exc. VAT
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